Labour advice

Work Contracts

  • Financial advice on labour matters and Social Security to adapt work situations to customer needs and/or the requirements of any legislative changes.
  • Registering businesses and opening new work centres.
  • Drawing up and processing any employment changes, both with the General Social Security Regime, and with the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers.
  • Offering financial advice and processing the types of contract and clauses that best adapt to the customer's needs, as well as everything related to labour affairs: work conditions, geographic and functional mobility, significant changes to work conditions, disciplinary actions, etc.
  • Keeping track of expiry dates on work contracts.

Workforce Management

  • Advice on remuneration policies and staff management.
  • Support creating official salary slips in accordance with current labour laws.
  • Completing forms TC1 and TC2 for Social Security.
  • Advice on work risk prevention. Support during disciplinary procedures with the Work Inspectorate and in court for cases when the company is responsible for accidents in the workplace.
  • Dealing with communications involving changes in employment due to temporary illness or accidents in the workplace.
  • Processing direct payments for temporary incapacity.
  • Unemployment funds.
  • Affidavits from company employees on their family circumstances, so that income tax is applied correctly.
  • Permanent availability over the phone so you can contact our technical support staff about any questions you have related to work issues.

Dismissals, restructuring and reorganising the company

  • Changes to work conditions.
  • Assessing and processing individual dismissals.
  • Reviewing and drawing up labour force adjustment plans for reducing working hours, suspending staff or terminating contracts.
  • Support during bankruptcy proceedings.

Labour disputes

  • Representation and support when dealing with the Work Inspectorate.
  • Representation when dealing with the Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation Service.
  • Collegiate representation before Labour Courts and Dispute Tribunals, following analysis and reports on litigation.
  • Advice, completing and presenting administrative forms to the Salary Guarantee Fund (FOGASA).